02.11.2021 12:39

- To carry out promotional and educational activities to encourage entrepreneurship among university students and lecturers, to contribute to raising awareness on this issue.
- To design, conduct, participate and follow national/international projects, activities, events, competitions related to entrepreneurship
- Providing consultancy on entrepreneurship related issues such as establishing a company and preparing a business plan.
- To carry out and manage the activities related to the incubation center, to bring together investors, funders, angel investors and entrepreneurs.
-Contributing to the establishment processes of academic staff and entrepreneurs in start-up formations
-Mentors needed in entrepreneurial processes, etc. to establish access to information resources such as
- Providing entrepreneurs with access to support mechanisms
- Establishing and operating joint laboratories, research centers, etc. with public institutions, NGOs and/or major supplier large industrial organizations. Developing innovative service and revenue models
-To carry out activities related to the execution of the necessary strategic and political studies in the triangle of university, industry and public.
-To keep statistics about module activities.

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